Day two – “eleven days with lena”

Monday May 20, 2019

“The second verse is the same as the first. A little bit louder etc.”  (Herman’s Hermits 1965)

Yes, Monday.  I got up, I tended to Lena, and  I went to my residence.  I can not remember why I missed my yoga class, but I did.

Oh God! I sound like a privileged person who doesn’t need to work and can lollygag around – making this appointment, missing that.  Truly, I am not! I take leisure living very seriously. I search “Indeed” and “Google Jobs” daily.. multi-daily. No luck. I haven’t found a match.  I encourage my friends (mostly my family) to subscribe to my WordPress website. Of course; I pay for this site; and suspiciously, it rejects joiners. The only person who was following me left due to irreconcilable differences.  Bummer!

Back to Lena.  She took the day well.  She crunched away at her turkey neck and ate kibble.  I was winning.

I think the evening went well.  I struggled with the T.V. and its convoluted instructions – sent from Ireland, no less.  I made a mental note to pick up AAA batteries from the residence.

I am not an ardent T.V. watcher, but the news and a few glimpses of “CSI” or “Blue Bloods” perk me up from time to time.  I skip the gore and violence, but I love the character development. I love characters in general. Aren’t we all?  Quiet, reserved, flamboyant, eccentric, etc.

Not much more on day two.  We walked, Lena and I.  I felt grateful.  My sister lives in an eclectic neighborhood in Florida’s Sun Coast..beautiful foliage, modest homes, and examples of living lightly.


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