Day three – “eleven days with lena”

Tuesday May 21, 2019

I am backtracing now because I have let the days get ahead of me.  Oh yes, I remember.  I was in a stupor.  I don’t know what made me feel so massy.  I could not open my eyes, and there was Lena begging me in her very demanding scheduled poodle way.  I grumbled, got my bearings, and made it out of bed with Lena right behind me.  It’s not that she actually wants something.  She turns her nose up at food and would probably love to go outside, but that is not my routine.  So, she pops on to the sofa and goes back to sleep.  I struggled again with the T.V. to no avail but did manage to connect to Wifi.  Now, I am feeling more connected to the world, and can see that I will possibly survive eight more days.

Lena and I spend some time in her back yard.  This is her usual routine with my sister. This is when she eats her crunchies and plays with her bottle. The bottle is her constant companion and playmate.  She throws it in the air and catches it.  She dares anyone to take it and never allows it to be taken or tires of this game.  Finally, we take a walk and then I feel I can leave her to sleep while I get back to my life.

The evening is uneventful except she is doing well with her eating…kibble and chicken necks.  The only snack is a little popcorn.  She appears to love it, but when I put it in her bowl she looks at me as though I am trying to poison her.  There must be a whole strategy that dogs master in the art of begging.  I am on to her.



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