Day four – “eleven days with lena”

Wednesday May 22, 2019

I again wake in a very drowsy state. Lena, of course, is staring at me.  This is the morning that she attempts to speak.  I have seen this before from her.  A definite deliberate attempt to form words or her own interpretation from observation.  She is one very intelligent poodle!!

This is a very hot hot day.  She is a trooper accepting the new feeding turkey neck and a few nibbles of kibble.  We attempt a walk but only make it up one block and back again.  Once more, I feel I can leave and resume my life, which is slowly drifting away.

The evening is fairly normal.  We play our nightly “bottle”.  She keeps it and forgets where it is.  I lurch to find it and she goes berserk.  I mean, really BERSERK!  This plastic bottle is VERY important to her.

Also, one more observation.  Lena likes to eat at night.  I am wondering if that is her instinctive pattern from earlier times. I am going to work with it.  Why bother stressing about her appetite.

Close your eyes and listen.  Creatures that don’t talk are speaking all the time.

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