Day five – “eleven days with lana”

Thursday May 23, 2019

This is a breakthrough morning.  I wake up early with Lena staring at me, of course.  I actually get up and don’t feel drowsy like the other mornings.  I take her kibble outside to appease her routine with her Master.  Later; she allows me to tend to her face and eyes, a task that terrifies me.  She is blind in one eye and her eyes are moist.  They need to be cleaned.  Also, she is temperamental and unpredictable. Usually, she tolerates the procedure, but sometimes she snaps.  Today she is cooperating.  Hygiene finished, and I have to leave – no time for a walk.

I return earlier than I wanted because I was afraid I left the broiler on.  I hate that fear of burning down the house of the owner of the animal I am caring for.  Oh, shudder.  Luckily; house is intact, and I did remember to turn off the broiler.  I make a mental note to either buy my sister a toaster or bring one from the residence.

We have a good evening and night.  We walk, and Lena is well accepting the dining rules.

She eats all her kibble and some of the special food that was left for her.  I am in heaven!

I have to confess that I am now a little more than anxious about Lena’s food consumption and the overall condition of this animal.  I am sympathetic to her Master’s neurosis and finding it difficult if not impossible to avoid contagion.



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