Day seven – “eleven days with lena”

Saturday May 25, 2019

I woke this morning around 7:30 and was surprised.  Lena was not staring at me.  She was fast asleep!  I was freaked.  I tried to sleep again but my restless neurosis tripped me up.  I tip toed past her and heard her breathing.  I was relieved and thought that maybe she is feeling safe and doesn’t have the need to monitor me.  This is her nature and the instinctive nature of poodles.  I have read that they were used for duck hunting and for retrieving fowl from the water.  At some point “poodle” came from “puddle” because of their swimming ability.   I have also read that they have been bred and trained as herders and can get special licensing in Canada.  Yes, I can see that Lena is a herder.  This gives me better insight into her neurotic behavior and more fuel for my developing neurotic condition.

Since the water squirting episode, she has not let me go near her eyes.  However, she continues herding me and staying at my side.  I called her previous caregiver.  She was very helpful.  She told me to give the eye care a rest, and that Lena would get over it.

She did eat her kibble and a chicken neck.  I tried to pretend that it didn’t phase me, but I was greatly relieved.  I have become my sister.





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