Day six – “eleven days with lana”

Friday May 24, 2019

I am stressed because I want to go out tonight, but I am worried about how she will do if I should stay away for the entire night.  She is very dependent and after discussing this dog care assignment with many people, I am more aware that she is very old.  The consensus is maybe sixteen or older.  She is definitely blind in one eye and has had hip surgery.  I think she is also missing her Master.

We have had a good day.  We walked, she ate well, and I devised a plan to not have to scrub away at her eyes.  I squirted her with a hose.  I manage to get her body very wet then gave her a few squirts in her face.  She DID not like this one bit, but I could then dry her off and clean her eyes.  She looked beautiful!!

I did not stay away all night and am grateful because I did not leave a light on for her.  She was her usual happy greeting self.  We played, I wrote another post and felt much less neurotic.



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