Day eight – “eleven days with lena”

Sunday May 27, 2019

This was a very busy day and an experimental one.  First of all, I stayed away Saturday night.  Lena has successfully convinced her Master and me of her frailty.  On one hand, she can be a snapping turtle and on the other a damsel in distress. ..blithe and needy, voracious and picky.  Even though I swore I would not fall victim to her charade, I have.

I was guilt-ridden Sunday morning when I crept into the house. I found her fast asleep with not one kibblet consumed and hardly any notice of my absence.  I was both relieved and annoyed. I wasn’t going to make a habit of abandoning my post (the thicker than water speaking).  But I was going to try and not go into agreement with her pretense.

This task is very similar to caring for babies: feed, play, change diaper, feed again, play more, sing, put to bed, and go try to get something done. I had more confidence now.  She ate, we walked, I placed her kibble in a moat to hold off ants (revised tip from veterinarian friend) and left to socialize and swim..such triumph!!

I returned in the evening. She was perky and happy.  We played bottle, she munched kibble, and I felt I was in control.  However, I remained aware that she could snap with one false move.  I kept my hands where she could see them and made all movements with warnings and calm.  I pray I am never called upon to do this task again; but know in spite of my whining, I will not regret this gesture.


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