Day ten – “eleven days with lana”

Tuesday May 8, 2019

I have finally reached acceptance.  I understand Lena much better and poodles in general.

I learned today that poodles are one of the most intelligent of breeds.  They are herders, guard dogs, retrievers, hunters, swimmers, and excellent pets.  I have also learned that they are moody and are prone to depression if not exercised – euphemism for, “May Snap”!  One more detail, poodles are uncomfortable in chaos..too many people, dogs, children, etc. This is probably attributed to their sheep herding DNA.  They simply want to keep track of everybody while protecting their master.  Mercy!!!

I truly do not want to generalize about these characteristics.  Poodles like any other species are both loyal and foreign to their own DNA.  There is a strain; however,  that has been researched.  I am grateful for the warning.  “Forewarned is forearmed” Praemonitus, Pre-1500

Let’s get back to the day.  Overall everything goes well. There is good discipline with the food, and she is happy predictable Lena.  I feel guilty that I can’t take better care of her eyes.  This has been a concern and a struggle for me during this time.  I am very happy her Master will be back tomorrow.

No matter what I have learned about poodles and have observed about Lena, the most endearing mental picture I have of her is when she folds herself into a pup half her size and sleeps.




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