Day eleven – “eleven days with lena”

Wednesday, April 29, 2019

Today is moving day.  I am anxious to return home.  We have a good morning; but as I am about to leave the house, my sister calls.  She tells me that she and her traveling companion are having such a wonderful time that they would like to stay another week, and would I please please please say yes to anther week of Lena care.   I am paralyzed for a moment.  Of course, I want my sister to have a spectacular adventure in Ireland.  But for me, I committed to ELEVEN days!  I told her I would agree to stay for extra money (self-blood speaking).  She texts that she was only kidding and that she is ready to come home. I wonder.

Well, it’s after midnight now and no word.  Lena and I did walk earlier, and she did have a slight altercation with a man in a store.   A small nibble at his midsection, just a pinch really.  He was very angry, and I was freaked.  I scolded Lena and moved as quickly as I could out of the store.  I hustled home and even declined a short play date with two of her friends on the way.  I am sure one of the pooches was the one who was on hold.

I am happy to say Lena has eaten the entire bag of kibble. I hope my sister listens to my pointers and puts these good feeding practices to use i. e. fewer snacks, snacks in a bowl not in hand,  mindfulness of quality and quantity of food, etc.  Although; in her defense and in spite of my new found certainty, she knows her dog and has for close to sixteen years.

Lena is spoiled, quite an understatement; but one very good quality that poodles possess is their ability to learn and be trained.  You can not let your guard down for one minute, however, and think that you are the smarter one.




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