Day one – “eleven days with lana”

My sister has gone to Ireland, and her scheduled dog caregiver declined the job one day before she had to leave.  She had another dog sitter, but she could only stay for two days.  She was gone before I arrived.  She left courteously with instructions as to where is what and what is where. I have confidence in her but not so much in myself.

Let me explain.  I begrudgingly accepted the task of emergency dog-sitter, and you ask why?  It is one of those “blood is thicker than water” scenarios.

Water, being the ability to say “Hell, No!” And Blood, the diffuser of common sense and self-preservation.  What was I to do?  She was leaving for Ireland for more than two weeks.  She had no dog sitter and to be truthful, this dog needs very special care. So be it!

The other slice is –  We had agreed that I woulD NEVER have to take care of Lena!  

Let’s take this one entry at a time.

Sunday May 19, 2019

It is 1:57p.m. and I have just arrived at my sister’s house to dog-sit her standard poodle, Lena.  This is a task I have done before and hated.  Although Lena is a very intelligent dog, she doesn’t really do much.  She is on the contrary very personal and communicative.  We have a history and after years of watching her become more and more spoiled, I am slightly interested in undoing the behaviors that both her and her Master foster.

Behavior one: Master constantly stressing about food.  Lena, not so interested but totally enthralled in the game and witnessing Master’s anxiety.

I set it straight from the start.  A three quarter’s cup of kibble and a neck of chicken or turkey. (freezer well-stocked with these favorites)

Day one went well except I sank into a coma and slept for hours due to boredom and missing my creative toys.  i.e. no internet or TV.  She has TV, but the instructions were difficult and to quote Mary Chapin Carpenter “The stars are stacked against you girl, better get back in bed.”  Which I did.

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