Day nine – “eleven days with lana”

Monday May 27, 2019

I can’t believe how much this dog loves chicken necks.  Of course, I do give them to her from my hand.  I have learned from a professional that dogs want to eat what their human is eating.  If you put the same food in their dish, they are not so interested.  This brings back the earlier memory of the popcorn.  I may try putting a chicken neck in her dish and see what she does.  I’ll put it in a moat. (see next paragraph)

Back to our day.  The morning goes well, I knew I would be out most of the day, so I put kibble in a dish in the middle of a plate filled with water (illustration below).  We walk quickly around the block.  On our route, we visit briefly with her chum, Leo. They have been friends for years.  Lena often posts herself in his yard waiting for him to come out.  It gets so humbling that both my sister and I avoid walking that block altogether.

Progressing on our stroll, I have a nice conversation with the human of another friend of hers. The man confides that Lena is unpredictable, and their pooch friendship is on hold.  I give a sympathetic look and say adieu.  I grumble to Lena while still shaking my head, “Get a grip, girl, you are down to one friend!”  She gives no sign of caring, but I know how much she loves her friends.

As to the evening, not much new.  Eyecare is mostly a warm wet towel around her head, and the bottle game is unfair.  I never get the bottle.


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